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io IT Services
Our values

People First

Our values


Our values


Technology, Everyday
We know that technology should be a
seamless part of everyday life.
Our services are designed to put people first.

Why are we named io?

When we started io (pronounced eye-oh), we wanted to simplify the way outsourced IT was delivered; as such we wanted a simple name and simple branding to reflect the company ethos, and io was born. io is a name from Greek mythology which has also been used to name one of Jupiter's moons (cue comments about our service being out of this world).

io IT Services - What do we do?

Put simply, we do IT. We have years of experience in providing IT Support and Guidance as well as delivering complex IT Projects. We saw a need for someone to provide a full IT Service to businesses, without the continual charges for "additional services". Our All-Inclusive IT Support Contracts include everything your internal IT Manager and IT Director would do for you.

Our values drive how we work

People First, Teamwork and Security are our core values and they drive how we deliver IT. We ensure that technology solutions meet the requirements of the people who are using them, not the other way round. At io IT Services work with all levels of a business to deliver secure, people-centric solutions.

io IT
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