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Cloud Disaster Recovery

Cloud technologies have changed the way of a business’s life for over a decade and this has been never so apparent than this year, however business continuity has also been at the forefront of business owners and managers minds.

As technology professionals here at io IT Services we have always made a song and a dance about the use of Microsoft Azure; below is our brief highlight and summary of how business continuity can be achieved easily and cost effectively.

Microsoft Azure has two services to support disaster recovery, please see below the summary of both of them.

  • Azure Site Recovery (ASR)
  • Azure Backup


Azure Site Recovery (ASR)

  • Automated Data Protection (DP) and replication of virtual machines and physical servers
  • Customisable Disaster Recovery plans
  • Automated failover and recovery
  • Test your Disaster Recovery Plan without disrupting the business
  • Health monitoring of the Disaster Recovery Site (ASR)
  • Multiple operating systems and third-party software support (VEEAM)


Azure Backup

  • Reduced Cost
  • Secure and Availability
  • Efficient Network Bandwidth Utilisation
  • Simplicity
  • Freedom with month to month contracts
  • Easy Management


Work with io, your local Microsoft Partner, to take advantage of these services, just ask for a demonstration from us to see and hear the benefits.