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WiFI and Internet

io IT Services awarded six-figure Public Contract Scotland Tender

io IT Services were proud to be appointed the official supplier for the design, installation and provision of a full Digital Transformation Programme including Ultra-Fast Internet, Next-Generation Firewall Security and High Performance Wireless connectivity for Wasps. io IT Services chose to partner with SonicWall as the hardware and software vendor on this Scotland-wide project which saw engineers travelling as far as Orkney in the North and Kirkcudbright in the South.

Digital Transformation

Having been awarded a three year Digital Transformation contract by Wasps (Workshop & Artists Studio Provision Scotland), io IT Services were given the primary goals of 1. improving internet reliability and speed, and 2. upgrading Wi-Fi connectivity and functionality at all Wasps locations across the length and breadth of Scotland. Wasps is the UK's largest provider of studio and creative spaces; providing artists, makers and creators with inspiring and affordable workplaces for over 40 years.

Centralised Cloud Management Networking

In addressing Wasps' project goals, io IT Services, as a full service Internet, Wi-Fi and IT Support Provider, designed a network solution consisting of ultra-fast fibre internet connectivity and Next-Generation SonicWall network hardware with Cloud Management. The new solution’s centralised, single-pane-of-glass management has dramatically reduced IT overheads, and the better speeds and greater consistency have resulted in fewer IT service calls. It’s also increased security posture, allowing admins to see and quickly respond to threats.

Improved Service for Tenants and Staff

Fundamentally, this project was about providing an enhanced user experience through faster and more reliable internet and Wi-Fi connectivity. 

Improving digital connectivity and thus opening up more opportunities for online business development was felt to be high priority. Internet connection speeds in Wasps buildings are now 30x faster in many locations (extract from Wasps Annual Review)

Official Case Study

You can download and view the Official PDF Case Study directly from the SonicWall website here.

Wasps Annual Review

Learn more about the fantastic work done by Wasps supporting the Art Community in Scotland; download the Wasps Annual Review 2021/2022 here.