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Missing Piece of the IT MSP Puzzle

When it comes to outsourcing support services of any sort, the motivations usually include a reduction to operating costs, streamlining of internal resources and an improvement to company focus.

Statistics from the 2019 UK IT Outsourcing Study conducted by Whitelane Research in collaboration with PA Consulting show that 71% of UK organisations are planning to outsource at the same rate or more.

Outsourcing can often provide enhanced skills in each support service as the outsourcing provider will be specialists in that field, but it's not uncommon for something to be lost in this process. An external provider may not understand your business like internal management do, and may not provide the guidance and strategy you would expect from your internal management team. 

As experts in IT Management and Leadership and with years of experience in both internal IT and outsourced managed service provision, we recognised this missing piece in the IT Managed Service Provider (MSP) business model and the need to fill that gap in order for businesses to receive the level of service they deserve.

The lack of IT Management is often the Missing Piece of the IT MSP Puzzle and without the guidance and leadership of this role, many businesses will be at risk of suffering unnecessary downtime, cyber security breaches and inefficient spending of IT budget.

io ensure that all contracts and relationships include a full IT Management provision with a dedicated virtual IT Manager (or permanent in-house position where required) available at all times to answer calls and emails in relation to any question or advice request. This is in addition to formal Management responsibilities including regular management meetings with agreed agendas, reporting, development tracking, policy management and budget setting.