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Tips for Working from Home

Working from home under the current circumstances is far from easy for many people and can be a source of considerable stress. We've put together a few tips from a technology perspective to help us keep on track.

Microsoft Teams

Teams is a fantastic Collaboration Platform from Microsoft with Instant Messaging, Screen Sharing, Voice and Video Calls, Whiteboard collaboration, integration with SharePoint for file sharing and much much more. It is constantly improving and Microsoft have even released some new features quicker than planned in order to help with the increased demand for home working. If your business isn't already using Teams it should be. If you are using Skype for Business Online (previously Lync) then you should have upgraded to Teams by now, as Skype for Business is being phased out and replaced with Teams. Teams Premium is included with most Microsoft Office 365 licences but there is also a free version which you can use. 

And remember to wiggle the mouse occasionally; that way you'll appear as "Available" ;)


Check in with your Team Regularly

It helps you to still feel connected and helps prevent feeling like you aren't being productive (it's inevitable that a lot of jobs will be quieter during this time). 


Internet Speed

Depending on where you live and what Broadband service you have, you might find it will struggle with the increased usage. Try disconnecting any non-essential devices (e.g. do you need Alexa connected in every room?) during the work day to ensure they aren't using internet bandwidth which you may need for remotely accessing work files and systems or video calls. Remember to connect them again in the evening and / or weekends as it's important to keep them updated (most devices will receive updates automatically over the internet).


Stay Safe

As unpleasant as it is, many Cyber Criminals will be capitalising on this situation; be extra careful when opening emails and generally assume any email that you weren't specifically expecting to receive will be dangerous. In particular, avoid opening any emails relating to Coronavirus or Covid-19 - you can get the latest updates on Coronavirus from any number of news websites, so no need to open potentially unsafe emails. A lot of Cyber Criminals will be using the Coronavirus as a way to deliver malicious emails. If you aren't sure, ask your IT Team.


Take Breaks

Just as in the office, it's important to get away from your computer screen. It's easy to forget this in the comfort of your own home and without other people to remind you or to meet in the kitchen.


Shut Down at the end of the day

As well as it saving you a fortune in electricity charges, it will help distance you from work and prevent temptation to go back to any work tasks during the evening or weekend.