Cloud Disaster Recovery

Cloud technologies have changed the way of a business’s life for over a decade and this has been never so apparent than this year, however business continuity has also been at the forefront of business owners and managers minds.

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Teams Raise Your Hand

In this bitesize Teams Tips and Tricks post we look at the relatively new Hands Up! Feature in Microsoft Teams, in which any user can Raise their Hand during a Teams Meeting.

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A New Normal - Working From Home

Marie Curie wrote “Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.” and that will never be so pertinent than it is during this new way of working we find ourselves in. But...

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The Secret Life of Passwords

Continuing our blog series on the importance of good personal Cyber Security, our Director, Nick Pickering, explorers the secret life of passwords and shares his thoughts on how to choose and manage good passwords easily, and throws in some useful...

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Making the most of Microsoft Teams

It's Microsoft's flagship Communication and Collaboration platform and replaced Skype for Business (still available in a slow. phased retirement) in 2017. Its high quality video call and chat functionality have ballooned user numbers to around 44 million...

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Tips for Working from Home

Working from home under the current circumstances is far from easy for many people and can be a source of considerable stress. We've put together a few tips from a technology perspective to help us keep on track.

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