• Secret Life of Passwords
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    The Secret Life of Passwords

    Continuing our blog series on the importance of good personal Cyber Security, our Director, Nick Pickering, explorers the secret life of passwords.

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    The missing piece of the IT MSP Puzzle

    When it comes to outsourcing support services of any sort, the motivations usually include a reduction to operating costs, streamlining of internal resources and an improvement to company focus.

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    5 ways to protect yourself online

    Cyber Security attacks and breaches effect everyone, including home users; we've put together a few simple tips for keeping yourself safe online.

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Tips for Working from Home

Working from home under the current circumstances is far from easy for many people and can be a source of considerable stress. We've put together a few tips from a technology perspective to help us keep on track.

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Password Managers

The Rise of Password Managers

We all need to be using long, complex and unique passwords, but who can remember a different password for every online service, app and website? The answer is simple for both personal and business password management... Password Managers.

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2020 Growth Plans for io

2020 Growth Vision

io have recently hit the local press in regards to our 2020 growth plans, including the Press and Journal, Digit and the Feb / Mar issue of Trend Magazine.

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Microsoft Teams

Why Microsoft Teams should be your next phone system

Microsoft Teams is not just a hub for teamwork, but a platform for effective communications of all forms. If you're not already familiar with it, Teams is based in Microsoft's Office 365 cloud platform, and is a one-stop shop for Instant Chat, Team...

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io Appoints new Company Director

We are pleased to announce, in line with our continued growth and expansion plans, that we have appointed a new Company Director and Consultant, Nick Pickering. 

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